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Join Kate in learning to quilt with rulers while making flowing feather designs with Westalee. Lear the basics of rulerwork while exploring symmetrical, curving, and organic feather designs. Also, learn stitch in the ditch and many more rulerwork tip and tricks. This will be a 3 hour class/event. You will also get to use Janome's Top of the line machine the Continental M7!!!! We will have Alba join us from Janome as well. This has been a high demand event and we are so excited to offer it to you on Friday. December 10th from 9a-12p EST. We will provide Machine, Fabric. There will be rulers to purchase for this class at a low cost. You will need the 12" arc template $20 and the Spacing Gauge $10 There will also be a 4pc Feather Template set available for purchase as well

Cost: $ 45.00
Join us for this amazing HANDS ON Janome long arm event with Kelley McKenzie & Christina. In this exclusive event you will learn many techniques including some of the following: Free Motion, Pantographs, Pro-Stitcher and so much more, such as Reverse Applique 'on the long arm!

Cost: $ 75.00
Join us alongside Kate Quinn and Alba from Janome in this amazing Ruler work event. This ruler-work class is based on grid designs from classical Sashiko elements ; which never go out of style!

Cost: $ 45.00
Join Kate Quinn and Janome in this highly requested ruler-work event. you will learn to quilt with rulers while making an original design by westalee promoted by Kate. This is a 6 hour class

Cost: $ 99.00